CORE ST2 Forged Stunt Scooter Deck 6 x 22 - Black


SKU: COR-822-ST2-DEC-622-BLK

RRP £129.99

EAN 5060719856058

The CORE ST2 Forged Stunt Scooter Deck is finally here! After our First line of decks being such a success we set out to create an even better version to one up the old range. As well as moving with the times and keeping up with the current needs of todays riders. 

CORE ST2 Deck Features: 

  • Deck: 6” Wide x 22” Long
  • Concave: 3°
  • Neck Tube: Brand new forged Neck
  • Dropouts: Integrated Aluminium pegs
  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Special Feature: ST Weight reducing cutouts
  • Head Tube: 83° Angle with Weight Reducing Cut Out
  • Brake: CORE Nylon Single 6mm Bolt Scooter Brake
  • Griptape: CORE SL Pre Cut Griptape
  • Weight: 1.8kg

CORE ST2 Forged Stunt Scooter Deck - Designed for street riders

The CORE ST2 Forged Stunt Scooter Deck is designed especially with ‘Street’ riders in mind. Coming in at 6” wide, them 50/50 grinds are going to feel a lot more locked in. Not only making grinds easier but also giving a more comfortable ride. 

Forged Headtube

With our Brand new Forged Head tube, the ST2 Forged Stunt Scooter Deck is incredibly strong whilst still being lightweight. We have taken away all unnecessary weight without compromising its strength. This forged head tube features cut outs from all angles. Front, back, side to side and even the bottom. 

Nylon Brake

The Nylon brake is still as reliable as ever but this time comes with a 6mm bolt. Extra strength accompanied with ease. Say goodbye to rounded brake bolts! 

Unlock those tricks with the CORE ST2 Forged Stunt Scooter Deck

Engineered from the ground up to undoubtedly be one of the lightest stunt scooters on the market you’re about to unlock all those tricks you’ve been trying! Constructed from 6061 Aluminium (the stuff they make space ships from) you know it’s going to be super strong and light.

All aspects of this deck have been custom tooled and designed by professionals for the sole purpose of ‘street’ riding! The ST2 Deck is particularly perfect for grinds and durability.