CORE Apollo Titanium Stunt Scooter Bars 580mm SCS/HIC - Raw


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Introducing the new V2 CORE® Apollo Titanium Bars, complete with an upgraded CORE logo cutout and a sleek side graphic. CORE® Apollo Titanium Bars are the most sought-after and lightest scooter bars on the market. We have developed these bars to be super light and super strong. Reducing the weight of your handlebars can shave kg’s off the weight of your scooter improving your trick ability, especially Barspins and Tailwhips.

CORE® Titanium Bars have been ridden, tested and approved by some of the best riders in the world.  World Champion Dante Hutchinson even rode them during a Nitro Circus tour putting them through the ultimate test on the infamous mega ramp!

Constructed out of space-grade titanium and designed to feel perfect in your hands with our ergonomic design. These bars are a must-have for ALL experienced scooter riders who are serious about riding.

Our Titanium bars fit both SCS and HIC models, all the bars come with an adapter plug for SCS that will cancel out the compression HIC slit and make your bars SCS.

Weighing in at 700-950g; we have saved as much weight as possible without sacrificing strength.


– H 580mm x W 580mm
– 4.6cm slit for HIC compression
– Slit on left-hand side of the bar to reduce forward pressure
– SCS Adapter plug to convert bar from HIC
– Laser Engraved 'CO' Logo
– Reinforced 2mm crossbar
– Grade 9 Titanium (the good stuff)
– Professionally welded
– Weight: 700-950g

Make sure you get yours quickly because they won’t be in stock for very long!


  1. When fitting the bars to your scooter, first ensure the clamp you are using covers the height of the slit. If the clamp does not cover the height of the slit then it will cause the bars to spin or fail. 
  2. When tightening your clamp, you must turn each bolt equally to apply a balanced amount of pressure on the bar. The best method for this is half a turn top bolt, half a turn bottom bolt, then half a turn middle bolt (if you have 3 bolts) repeat this process until the bars are secure. 
  3. Your clamp should have an equal gap all the way down the back. If it is not equal, you have an uneven amount of pressure on the bar. Remove the clamp and repeat step 2. 

PLEASE NOTE! Titanium is a high-grade metal and any modification of these bars will void your warranty. These bars come with a 30 Day non-negotiable warranty due to the nature of the material. Apollo Titanium bars are created for the experienced rider and should be treated as such. Titanium is strong and lightweight but it is not indestructible.