Yvolution Y Fliker A1 Air Scooter




  • Quick Response Hand Brake
  • Folding System for Easy Storage & Transport
  • Improved Footplates For Maximum Control
  • Durable PU Castor Rear Wheels
  • Recommended Age: 5+ yrs
  • Max Rider Weight: 110lbs (50kg)
  • Dimensions: L: 33.7 x W: 21.5 x H: 29.7 inches
The original Y Fliker scooter from Y-Volution! The ground-breaking Fliker A1 has been refreshed in striking new colours for hours of freewheeling + mega-drifting fun. The three-wheel design allows kids to get up to speed by shifting their weight from side to side without ever touching the floor. The more they move the faster they go, and can instantly blast up their speed.
The new design comes with a quick-response brake for maximum control, improved grip footplates to unlock even more drifting potential, and industrial-design PU caster wheels to make sure the Y Fliker can withstand the usual ups and downs. In those brief moments when the scooter isn’t in use, the frame even folds down for carrying around town and easy storage at home or in the car.