Skater Trainer - V2 - 4 Pack


RRP £24.99
EAN 5055982934138

The 2.0 is slip-resistant to end the need to adjust, is more durable, easier to install and take off, is half the weight of the original and looks way cooler!

If you are fed up with slamming while learning new tricks. These Skater Trainers are the perfect thing for you. Created to stop your board from slipping while you learn to balance and practice your skateboard tricks.

Set of 4 (Skateboard not included)

They are ideal for:

  • Brand new skaters
  • Younger skaters who want to master tricks
  • People who want to practice indoors (bad weather or late at night)
  • Silver surfers who want to re-learn their old moves
  • Guys who want to mess around on their boards at work
  • 48-65mm wheels