Rampage Skateboard Bushings - Black 94A (Hard)



EAN 5056421926714

RRP £3.99

Perfect for if you need a replacement, or just want to customise the feel of your skateboard. The Rampage Premium PU skateboard bushings come in a selection of durometer/hardness to suit any skating style, from super Hard to Super soft and everything in between we've got you covered. Each pack includes a full set of bushings including chrome washers.

  • Premium quality PU cast skateboard bushings
  • 1 pack of skateboard bushings
  • Set includes: 2 cones, 2 barrels & washers
  • Cone: 24.5mm x 11m
  • Barrel: 24.5 x 16mm
  • 94A hardness
  • Black with Chrome washings