Paperwallet - Slim Wallet - Twenty Eleven


RRP £12.99
EAN 854538003312

Paperwallet is influenced by the art of origami and an aim to create a unique & functional canvas for artists - to get their work off the wall and give it legs. With the environment in mind, smart Tyvek material was our optimal choice, and its supreme durability increases the overall quality of the products. The end result is a Tyvek product with a well engineered fusion of design, function, and comfort.

Paperwallet accessories are made from extremely durable Tyvek paper. Tyvek® is paper-thin and all Paperwallet accessories are carefully designed and folded to create fully functional modern accessories. Tyvek® is also elastic, waterproof, and long-lasting, and is built to keep up with your busy life. With the planet in mind, Tyvek paper is an eco-friendly material that is being incorporated into fashion design in all categories.

Paperwallet is a socially conscious company, making innovative and eco-friendly Tyvek products is at the core of our values. The Tyvek® material used to create the wallet and other accessories is 100% recyclable and is made-up in part of already recycled material.


  • Best suited to 12-16 cards plus flat bills
  • Made from Tyvek material
  • Artist Designed -  Designs by creative artists from around the world
  • Measures (closed wallet) - 3.9 inches ( 9.906 cm ) x  3.25 inches ( 8.255 cm )
  • Stitch-less origami inspired, innovative product design
  • Backed by our 30 day warranty

    About The Artist

    With his roots from the holy land, ELNA is currently living and working on the streets of Barcelona, getting most of his inspiration from the weird architecture, random skate spots and the people he meets everyday. When he is not out cruising with his board he is either designing boards, slapping his well known stickers around town or creating other works that help pay for his Tapas.



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