Graw Jump Ramps - J Series


SKU: GRA-JR-320-J15

J15 EAN 8057157012150 RRP £95.00

J20 EAN 8057157012204 RRP £100.00

J25 EAN 8057157012259 RRP £105.00


A Graw Jump Ramp is what you need to fly higher! Made in curved Birch and Poplar wood, the Graw jump ramps pop up like no other jump ramp. Wood is elastic and offers more flexibility for higher jumps. Their sturdy design comes in a compact size. Light and easy-to-carry, the Graw Jump Ramp fits everywhere, even on your skateboard. The G Series units can be easily assembled according to any width needs.

  • Jump ramps made of 100% Birchwood
  • J15 Dimensions: Height - 15cm, Length- 65cm, Width - 40cm, Weight - 3kg
  • J20 Dimensions: Height - 20cm, Length - 76cm, Width - 40cm, Weight - 3.5kg
  • J25 Dimensions: Height - 25cm, Length - 85cm, Width - 40cm, Weight - 4kg 
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Perfect for skateboards, bikes, and scooters 
  • Includes: assembly instructions and hex keys
  • Not suitable for children under 8 years old