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CORE Protection Mouth Guard/Gum Shield - Blue



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Protect your teeth! CORE Protection is proud to present our action sports mouthguard. 

Made of top-quality impact absorbing materials that will protect your teeth, gums, jaws, and brain from harmful, jarring impacts that are sometimes unavoidable whilst participating in action sports such as stunt scooters, BMX, and MMA Fighting. This gumshield can be molded to your teeth, for an easy-to-use comfortable fit unique to your mouth. This mouth guard has been designed to provide unobstructed mouth breathing whilst providing maximum protection. 

  • Made from impact absorbing materials
  • Protects teeth
  • Custom-fit mouldable design
  • Unobstructed breathing
  • Premium dual-layer design
  • Logo on front teeth
  • Plastic carry case with air vents