CORE SL2 Nylon Deck Ends - Black



RRP £9.99

EAN 5060719856317

CORE Nylon Deck Ends - Black 

We want to offer the opportunity for riders to expand their capabilities and riding styles. This is exactly why we have released the CORE Nylon Deck ends. These super easy to use Deck ends slot into the back of your deck created a whole new shape to the back end. This was purely designed for riders to expand the possibilities of learning new tricks and adapting their riding styles. 

Adapt your riding! 

If you ride the SL2 but find doing certain tricks like 5-0 grinds difficult with the angled drop out then this is exactly what you need. Quickly install the deck ends to the back of your deck and instantly change the way your scooter performs. 

Prolong your Scooters life

This not only helps you lock into grinds easier but can help protect the back of your deck when grinding. This will ultimately make your deck last a lot longer. Super lightweight and easy to install. 

CORE Nylon Deck Ends - Features

  • Material: Premium Nylon
  • Locknut system: Keeps your axle nut in place for you 
  • Fitment: Fits all SL2 and CL1 Decks 
  • Weight: 80 Grams 
  • Colours: Black