CORE Dash Integrated Headset - Chrome



RRP £24.99

EAN 5060719851855

The CORE Dash headset has been designed for riders who want optimum performance without paying crazy money for a headset. Headsets are an essential part of anyone’s bike or scooter, without a good headset your mobility and tricks will be compromised. The “Dash Headset” is rider-approved and tested. Our headsets use a pair of single shield bearings for extra strength, this helps prevent bearings from coming loose or “popping” which can happen easier in a double shield bearing. A taller compression disk to prevent top cap run; this is truly a rider-created and perfected headset for a very affordable price.

Headset Features

  • 2x Single Shield Bearings

  • 1x Top Cap with Rubber Gasket

  • 1x Compression Disc

  • 1x Crown Race

  • Integrated design

  • Fits Scooters, BMX, MTB, Road Bikes etc