CORE Cobra Stunt Scooter SCS Clamp – Black



RRP £39.99

EAN 5060719855334

The CORE Cobra SCS Clamp has Finally Arrived. This SCS has undergone extensive testing and development to ensure it is the best possible Clamp for all scooter riders.

CORE Cobra 4 Bolt SCS Features

  • 6mm bolts
  • Quad Bolt Design
  • CNC weight-reducing cutouts
  • CORE logo
  • Made from Aluminium 6061 Cold Forged and CNC’D
  • Includes size-reduction shim to fit both standard and oversized bars
  • Weight: 240g
  • Height: 73mm

Reined Design

Over the course of a year, we refined the design and perfected custom tooling to produce a clamp that is lightweight, stylish, and durable. The high-quality Cold Forged Aluminium 6061 and CNC'd material makes the clamp sturdy, while the CNC weight-reducing cutouts help to minimise the overall weight.

This certainly makes the Core Cobra SCS the perfect clamp for any scooter setup.

CORE Cobra SCS Clamp - Secure and Stable

The Cobra SCS clamp is equipped with 6mm bolts and a quad bolt design, providing a secure and stable fit. It also includes a size reduction shim, allowing it to fit both standard and oversized bars. This means that you can use it on a wide variety of scooter setups, regardless of the size of your bars. T


The clamp weighs only 240g (with bolts), making it one of the lightest SCS clamps on the market. Its compact design (with a height of 73mm) allows it to be easily installed on your scooter setup without adding any unnecessary bulk.

In addition to its functional features, also featurring the iconic CORE logo, adding a touch of style and brand recognition to your setup. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced scooter rider, this clamp is a great addition to your setup. Upgrade your scooter with the CORE Cobra SCS 4 Bolt Clamp today.