We know how important finding the right branded product is, which is why we are here to help.

There are many promotional products available in the market today, however, many of these products are ineffective and never used by the recipients. SWAG Distribution specialise in branding universal products which give our clients maximum brand exposure.

Graph to display main uses of promotional merchandise

***research conducted by the BPMA.

Promotional merchandise can be used for many reasons.

Understanding the purpose of the merchandise will help to choose the correct product. The most common reasons for promo items is shown on the graph.

What qualities make the PERFECT promotional gift?

The British Promotional Merchandise Association conducted research on what people value most with promotional merchandise.

Qualities of the perfect promotional gift graph

***research conducted by the BPMA.


To support the UK promotional industry, we are accredited suppliers in the BPMA.

The governing body offers guidance, advice and support within the industry to ensure services and products are of the best quality.

Of those surveyed, results show:


92% of people believe promotional merchandise increases company brand awareness.


76% say they can name a brand/company featured on a promotional product on their desk without having to look


82% would keep the promotional item they were given

***National survey carried by Source-e, April 2007