PopMount Car Vent - White - PACK OF 4

£32.00 £16.80


RRP £15.99 EACH


  • Easily clips into horizontal, vertical, and angled air vents
  • If mount seems loose, rotate prongs 90º to use a narrower gap
  • Viewable from all angles in portrait and landscape mode
  • Attaches to a car vent without any adhesive

The PopSockets Car Vent Mount allows you to go hands-free whenever you're on the road. Simply attach it to your air vent and slide your PopSockets grip into the mount for a secure hold on your phone.

Most mobile devices could benefit from attaching a PopSockets Grip or two! Adding one of these useful little gizmos immediately improves your mobile experience; "popping" out to provide a grip, a stand, somewhere to wind up your earphones, or just something for idle hands to play with. PopSockets Grips are available in a range of eye-catching designs, enabling you to express and customize yourself and your device!

Please Note: It is recommended to use the bottom slot of the vent for the best hold and turning off the airflow to the attached vent to prevent losing adhesion from your PopGrip.